Whether you wish to watch wildlife, be guided into fantastic landscapes or see a specific species, there are different spectacles to see in all seasons in this wonderful corner of Perthshire. We can offer walks and tours for individuals, families or small groups. We can even offer a door-to-door service so you don’t need to worry about driving.

Our walks can be tailored to cater for people of different ages and abilities and we can design tours to suit individual needs. We can base this around species, habitats or just a specific area that you would like to explore. Alternatively you can leave it up to us to take you to all the special places we enjoy and recommend. To get the most out of your experience we recommend at least a half day tour or walk and a full day will be even more rewarding. A full day can be split into two to cover the most productive times of post-dawn and pre-dusk giving the opportunity of a well deserved rest or a leisurely lunch in between.

We can plan walks to last for 2-4 hours or all day for those who prefer something a bit more challenging. We can offer sedate rambles around villages taking in the pockets of wild habitats, gardens, parks as well as buildings providing homes for birds and bats; walks along established footpaths with the option of going off piste; walks along rivers such as the River Earn looking at the plants, birds and mammals associated with freshwater habitats and we can offer full or half days walks up hills and through moorlands looking for upland specialists such as Hen Harrier, Merlin or Ring Ouzel.

Our driven tours are offered as either half days or full days and can include an element of walking if desired. Tours with an early morning start will include a complimentary light breakfast and hot drinks.

All our walks and tours are risk assessed and guidance will be provided as to what to bring, the type of terrain and the difficulty level of any walking. We will always try to stay within 1000m of a drivable road or track in case of emergencies.

Booking is essential.On receipt of a booking or enquiry we will contact you to discuss your specific requirements. 

Please note, if the weather is very heavy rain or strong winds, planned itineraries may be altered for safety reasons.

See the examples below of what can be seen throughout the year.


Early mornings in spring can be fantastic for wildlife watching in our area; whether it is the courtship dance or lek of the Black Grouse accompanied by drumming Snipe, a woodland dawn chorus or roaming Red Deer, there is always plenty to see and hear. If we’re lucky and patient we may even get catch sight of the aerial...


During the summer months we will take in the fantastic wildflower displays from bluebell woodlands, wildflower meadows and marshy habitats where orchids hide. We will look out for displaying newts in pools, nest building Swallows, Swifts and House Martins and pollen collecting bees and butterflies.
A trip to rivers and lochs will provide sightings of Osprey, Sand Martins and bats foraging...


The changing colours of the landscape in autumn are absolutely stunning. This season brings the spectacle of large roosts of Red Kites and Raven, the hills echo with the roaring sounds of rutting Red Deer and a rich variety of fungi can be found in the woodlands.
Winter migrants such as Fieldfare and Redwing will be starting to arrive feeding...


Winter can be a hard time for wildlife in the Perthshire Highlands. With the winter cold, there’s a chance of seeing mammals such as Stoats and Mountain Hares in their winter coats and Red Deer will often wander closer to towns and villages. Suitable vantage points can provide good views of soaring raptors such as Red Kite and Buzzard...


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