Marvels of Malta


Date: TBC

Cost: starts from £433 per person (not including flights) 

Join us for a seven day trip on the sunny archipelago of Malta, full of unusual wildlife and rich culture.

We shall be based in St. Pauls Bay, a stone’s throw away from the nature reserves of is-Simar and is-Salina, both managed by Birdlife Malta.

Malta is known for bird migration and we will be visiting the island during this exciting season. Each day migrating birds arrive from Sicily and depart the next morning for North Africa. They gather to roost in the small number of wooded areas on the island. We will be visiting some of the birding watch points, such as Buskett Gardens and Clapham Junction, where one can sit down and enjoy raptors such as Honey Buzzard and Marsh Harriers up close and personal.

We will be visiting is-Simar, Ghadira and is-Salina nature reserves. Three places which are excellent to watch a number of wader species.

Our aim is to support nature parks and environmental organisations, so we shall pay a visit to Majjistral Nature and History Park and Foresta 2000. We shall be snorkelling in a Marine Protected Area, were we can hopefully see Stingrays and Bullrays with Sharklab-Malta.

In addition, we will be visiting Malta’s sister island, Gozo for a day trip visiting one of the largest Scopoli’s Shearwater colonies and other birding and cultural locations.  

Apart from nature, we will be enjoying the culture that the islands can offer: we will be visiting Mdina the ancient capital of Malta as well as some of the oldest temples in Europe.

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